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All members of the National K-9 Dog Trainers Association (NK9DTA) are Certified Professional Trainers.

All NK9DTA members have received certification from the National K-9® School for Dog Trainers; a professional school approved by The Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. National K-9 has the authority to issue professional certification, which is recognized throughout the United States and around the world.

To achieve professional certification, NK9DTA members have completed one of National K-9’s intensive courses which includes a combination of:

  • classroom instruction
  • hands on training experience
  • written testing
  • and extensive field evaluation under the supervision of experienced instructors.

The hands on instruction and feedback received by our members while at National K-9 cannot be duplicated by any book, correspondence course, videotape, or Internet course.

NK9DTA members have been taught the skills and knowledge from their study at National K-9 to pursue careers as Certified Professional Trainers. NK9DTA members pursue training dogs for family, service, industry, therapy, sport, and even entertainment. NK9DTA members have experience in the areas of:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Behavior Evaluation and Modification
  • Canine Personality Assessment
  • Breed Traits, Kennel Management
  • Puppy Evaluation and Preschool
  • as well as Utility Training and Confidence Building.

Many of our members also have experience in the training of:

  • Retrieval
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Assistance Dogs for the Disabled
  • Scent Detection, Personal Protection Dogs
  • and Police Dogs.

Some members are also involved in Search and Rescue organizations. The NK9DTA also has members that are involved in various forms of competition including Agility, Flyball, Field Trails, French Ring Sport, Schutzhund Trials, and more. Among our membership you will also find those who are involved in breeding, exhibiting, and trialing dogs through the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, and other dog clubs or organizations.

Our members understand that a dog trainer’s education is ongoing. NK9DTA members are encouraged to continue their education whether it is through continued independent study of dogs, joining professional organizations, studying with other professional trainers, attending seminars/workshops/conferences and much more.

Check out our Selecting a Dog Trainer page for help in how to find a trainer that meets your needs. Click on Locate a Trainer to find trainers in your region and to determine what services they offer. Thank you for visiting our site and we invite you to explore what the National K-9 Dog Trainers Association Members can offer you and your dog.

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